Wednesday 20 May 2009

INSURE4EXCESS.COM Launches New Policies at Competitive Rates

Been burnt by the recent credit crunch?

The recent downfall in the economy worldwide has left most people feeling the pinch, so the last
thing they want to think about is forking out loads of money on their insurance excess when they
have to make a claim and that’s exactly where insure4excess.com can help.

Insure4excess.com is part of insurance4carhire.com, an online insurance company established six years ago to provide products protecting consumers against high car rental excess charges.
For a low, annual premium, Insure4excess.com provides excess insurance and is about to launch a new policy available at amazing prices and perfect to protect customers from the dreaded excess costs.


The lifestyle excess policy covers the excess that is payable on the five main insurances for 12
months; Home, Motor, Health, Travel and Pet Insurance and can be purchased at any
time throughout the year to provide three different levels of excess cover.

The Bronze Level of excess costs £49 and covers up to £250, Silver level costs £75 and covers
up to £500, while the Gold Level costs £99 and covers up to £750. With each of the three levels
of excess cover there is a total excess limit on the policies, which varies depending on the cover

For example, on the Gold Lifestyle product customers are able to claim on any of the five key
insurance excesses as many times as is necessary during the life of the policy and up to the excess limit of £750 for the Gold Policy.

A perfect example of how much consumers could save would be with the fictional character
Miss JennyJones. Jenny is a homeowner, sharing a flat with her cat Tony. She drives a Ford
Fiesta and would be able to claim up to £750 combined across her pet, home and car insurance
excess over an annual period should she have to make three individual claims – all by paying
just £99 for a 12 month period.

Travel insurance excess is normally about £60 so if Jenny were to purchase the gold product
(with a £750 limit) and had to claim off her travel insurance, insurance4excess.com would
reimburse Jenny with the £60 excess that she initially had to pay out. This would then leave
Jenny with £690 left for the year to claim. In addition if Jenny had to claim on her car insurance, the excess is usually £100 and she would again be reimbursed, this time leaving her
with £590 left for the year.

The excess is an aggregate amount over a year and customers can claim it back if it is triggered
on home, car, pet, travel and healthcare insurances. An unlimited number of claims can be made
by Jenny across the annual period -all for up to a maximum of £750 in one year.

Jenny can easily protect herself and her savings by signing up for a policy with nsure4excess.com today

Information supplied by insurance4excess.com

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