Monday 13 February 2012

Cold half term holidays are here so don't forget your car hire excess insurance and van hire excess insurance

Half term holidays have started and temperatures across a lot of Europe are still very, very cold. The ground was frozen on Saturday night for the Ireland - France Six Nations Rugby in Paris and the pitch in sunny Rome earlier in the day for the Italy - England match had a lot of snow on it.

It is vitally important if you are hiring a car or van this week you have proper insurance. Many people have gone away and hoped that there would not be delays like ther had been on Sunday 5th February when so many people waited over 2 hours or more to clear security at London Stanstead Airport and then find once they had  missed their flight as it went without them.  

Others might be off to IKEA or similar establishments buying a new kitchen or range of living room furniture and renting a van.

Meanwhile, have received a flyer over the weekend from Holiday Autos saying "Bring on winter". I think winter has been brought on, but they appear to have soome good car hire offers for those wanting to hire a car when the go on a skiing holiday.

Personally as we hit mid  February, I would would rather look forward to a "Bring on spring" campaign.

Have a good half term break and don't forget your car hire excess insurance and your van hire excess insurance. Many of the policies offered by these insurance companies cover lost keys, damage to undercarriage of car and damage to wheels. Find out more from those advertising on on the insurance4carrental.com advertising site.

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