Thursday 29 May 2014

Car hire comparison website PR says Having inadequate car hire insurance could cost holidaymakers up to €2000

The car hire comparison search engine Carrentals.co.uk issued a press release yesterday about  Having inadequate car hire insurance could cost holidaymakers up to €2000 - As excess costs on car hire policies continue to rise across Europe the need for sufficient insurance increases.

It went on to say "Compulsory excess costs on car hire policies, which is the amount the policy holder must pay in full should they be involved in an accident or damage the rental vehicle, are rising significantly with some now reaching €2000 in Europe. As a consequence, the need for travellers to take out additional insurance has increased.

Similar to conventional insurance on owned vehicles, car hire policies carry a compulsory excess charge which is the responsibility of the driver to pay in full if the car gets damaged or stolen. The exact amount differs on each policy and will be found in the T&C’s on the rental voucher. Travellers need to have excess waiver insurance to avoid paying excess charges.

Excess Waiver Insurance is generally not included in policies and must be arranged in addition to the car hire. It will be offered to holidaymakers when they collect their car but this is often at a high cost. The cheapest solution is to purchase the insurance online prior to your trip from sites such as Carrentals.co.uk.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk said: “We monitor excess insurance costs carefully across over 50 suppliers and we have seen them rise over the years. It is unlikely now to see excess insurance costs on a rental vehicle under €900. Many people believe the excess quoted, or the need for additional insurance is a scare tactic used to make extra money but it isn’t.

Others don’t understand the excess policy or read the terms closely enough to realise how high it is. You can get the cover you need for as little as £2.50 a day, so you aren’t at risk of having to pay up to €2000.”

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