Wednesday 20 August 2014

You can save £60 or more on Car Hire costs according to Daily Telegraph report

Yesterday's Daily Telegraph ran an article by Richard Dyson - "Why I'll never buy car hire insurance again" It then went on to say " Read this and save £60 (or much more) on car hire costs" which made me read on.

Apparently  in June he had rented a car in Jersey for six days from  from Europcar. Before he travelled he had  bought a £25, standalone policy from icarhireinsurance.

At Jersey airport Europcar offered him its cover for £90. He refused, saying he had my own policy. Then he had a minor accident. It took a few weeks to process and he got the problem sorted so in the end said that he was sold on stand-alone hire-car cover.

He then goes on to talk about "The great car hire cover rip-off"

He gave examples of hiring a car and then being asked for additional money for car hire excess insurance -   €24 (£18) per day in Tenerife for example and on a rental of  five days that is a lot of money.

According to this article "Traditional, big-name car-hire firms tend to be costliest when it comes to buying cover against damage to the vehicle"

So it means you need to go to a standalone car hire company. The article went on to say "Worldwideinsure would cover an economy hire car for £10.50; Carhireexcess for £9.95 and icarhireinsurance for £14.95. There is a choice of about eight providers all charging less than £20 for the period in question. 

He also points out that "But while the cover provided by the rental firms means there will be a no-quibble, no-payment-required process if you return a damaged vehicle, the standalone insurance policy will mean you have to pay for the damage out of your own pocket then claim back later"  See the full article Here 

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