Wednesday 10 December 2014

Yet another Car hire horror story in The Daily Telegraph yesterday

The Daily Telegraph ran a report yesterday about someone who hired a car in March in the Canary Islands and ended up with a bill for a €3,530 (£2,806) repair.

The reader had hired a car via Rentalcars and the vehicle supplied by a Europcar operator on the island. The reader, Mr White said " A few days into the rental, a rock about the size of a football dislodged from the adjacent cliff and crashed on to the main coast road immediately in front of the car.

I was unable to stop to avoid an impact. As the road was very narrow at this point, all I could do was straddle the rock and hope for the best. 
Unfortunately, the red warning light came on, suggesting a loss of oil pressure. I stopped the vehicle and called for assistance. Help came speedily and a replacement vehicle was supplied"

Upon his return home the repair bill arrived. He had taken out a policy with Rentalcars to reduce the excess to zero and, on collecting the car, additional top-up insurance to cover damages to tyres, windscreen, the underside of the car and so on.

It looks like this problem was finally sorted out and you should read The Daily Telegraph's report in full Here.  

It likes like you should always ensure that the excess waiver insurance covers, windscreen, tyres and under carriage and you can view the various advertisers on the insurance4carrental site Here

No doubt there will be other similar cases in the months to come. Normally there are and it is good news that there are consumer columnists like Gill Charlton at the Daily Telegraph to help resolve such a problem.

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