Wednesday 18 August 2010

Car rental Nice extra insurance?

Just came across this at Tripadvisor - "Nice Forum: Car Rental - Extra Insurance"

A visitor from the USA " Car Rental - Extra Insurance
Aug 16, 2010, 11:13 PM
Renting a car in Nice for 1-1/2 days. Is it highly adviseable to take out extra insurance? Our credit card covers car rental insurance so we usually don't take out the extra but maybe in Europe, we should. Thoughts?"

8 replies at 18th August - " If you rent from one of the major companies, the rental cost normally includes insurance but with an excess (deductible) of maybe €1000. You need to check whether your card will cover this.

Even if your card covers your insurance, if you damage the car you will have to pay for the damage (up to the excess) and then lodge a claim with your card company or the insurance company that it uses. The rental company cannot make a claim on your insurance."

"Many people pay the extra for CDW because they are afraid of making claims and want the "piece of mind" that the auto rental companies sell for a very high price. Most travel experts recommend against purchasing what they consider "ripoff" CDW coverage and rely on using their credit cards policies, which in some ways are superior (and much cheaper) than those offered at the rental counter.

First, check with your credit card company to see if you are indeed covered. Most Visa cards offer the coverage, and the premium MasterCards and most all Amex cards. But you do have to follow their rules when submitting a claim."

"The French are nightmare drivers and even worse at parking. Many times I have seen my car being "nudged" out of the way so that another car could park in front or behind me and there are dents and scratches all over it!Honestly, if it isn't essential to hire a car for a day and a half then I really wouldn't bother, particularly since public transport in the area is so good."

Your question is really 2-in-1 which is why there are some potentially contradictory responses

1. Do the risks in Europe mean you should take out insurance? Yes - road and parking space is tight, you are unfamiliar with the driving style and you do carry the risk of scrapes and bumps. If you take out CDW that comes with "all inclusive packages" you will still be exposed up to the limit of the "excess" or "deductible" which means that you could end up paying Euros 1000

2. Should you take out insurance with the rental co if you are already covered by your credit card? Obviously there is no need to pay twice. But you need to check your credit card terms & conditions or seek advice from TA members in the US as to what exactly is covered"

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