Wednesday 18 August 2010

Good report on insurance4carhire on Dublin Forum

On the day that we posted a brief article called

"I live in Ireland can I buy car hire insurance via insurance4carrental.com?" Here on this blog came across this section in Tripadvisor "Dublin Forum: GOOD REPORT- Insurance4carhire.com".

In our article about was it possible for Irish residents to buy car hire insurance via insurance4carrental.com, we explained that several of the advertisers catered for the Irish Market.

Well it appears that insurance4carhire.com have done well in Dublin.

"12 August 2010, 8:15
Before leaving for Ireland, we purchased the SCDW through insurance4carhire.com. We had an accident and were charged the deductible (approx $1700) by Murrays/Sixt (don't get me started on the terrible experience we had with them re. the accident and follow up- they were HORRIBLE).

Once we were able to get the accident report from Sixt (a month later- again, don't get me started)- Insurance4carhire wired the money to our bank account within hours of receiving the necessary documents.They were easy to contact, always prompt in their replies, and sent our money very quickly.When I was researching them I had a hard time finding anyone who had actually had a claim - so wanted to let others know of the good service we received. The only down side is that you must pay the charges ($1700) and wait to be reimbursed. We knew this going in so were prepared - just not expecting the lack of service received from Sixt."

A visitor to the Tripadvisor site from Loughrea, Southport said "It is a good point that you knew the money would be deducted and not reimbursed for a while. Many people taking out 3rd party insurance are under the impression that the 3rd party (Insurance4carhire or others) sorts everything out and gives the payment straight away. Sorry you had a bad experience with an Irish car hire operator, unfortunately you are not alone and it isn't restricted to just one company."

Another from Kilkenny said "sorry for the problems you had...but it doesn't matter which rental agency you use...if you don't buy your scdw from the rental counter, you always have to have the large hold put on your card and you have to be out the money if there is an accident and collect from whomever insures you.... usually, one of us will tell you that...don't know how we missed it.....do you mind telling me how much the insurance4carhire cost, for how many days?.....i would be interested in looking into it for my next trip....."

There are further replies and if you want to join in go to http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowTopic-g186605-i90-k3848844-GOOD_REPORT_Insurance4carhire_com-Dublin_County_Dublin.html

In the meantime if you are living in ireland (or other parts of the world) and require car hire insurance for business or a holiday visit the insurance4carhire.com site Here.


car hire said...

How much would it cost me to hire an auto for 2 weeks? An economy size would do. I don not need something grand. Thanks and I'd be waiting for your response.

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