Thursday 12 September 2013

Electric car hire in Orlando, Florida USA

Drive Electric Orlando issued a press release on the 5th September saying that An unprecedented partnership of Orlando's leading rental agency, top hotels and major attractions today officially launched Drive Electric Orlando (DEO). The effort is a first-of-its-kind electric car rental initiative that gives Orlando visitors another exciting experience to add to their itinerary in the Sunshine State -- driving an electric car. 

"Orlando's visitors now have an opportunity to try out an exciting technology while saving time, saving money and making a difference," said Robbie Diamond, president and CEO of the Electrification Coalition, which is leading the Drive Electric Orlando effort. "We see this program as Orlando's newest and smartest ride, a program that lets visitors see all that Orlando has to offer while leaving the gas pump behind."

With an extensive network of partners and more than 300 electric charging stations throughout America's tourism capital, Drive Electric Orlando offers a seamless experience.

"With more than 57 million visitors annually and one of the largest charging networks in the country, Orlando is the ideal location for the Drive Electric project," said Diamond. "Where better to introduce Americans to the electric car than North America's leading travel destination and the world's largest rental car market?"

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the Drive Electric Orlando car rental partner, is renting Nissan LEAF plug-in electric vehicles at its Orlando International Airport location. "Our supporting role in the Drive Electric Orlando project promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in one of the world's top tourist destinations," said Lee Broughton, head of sustainability, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. "We know that the car rental experience is often an extended test drive. Our partnership with Drive Electric Orlando familiarizes travelers with new vehicle technology that they may not otherwise be able to experience."

SOURCE: Drive Electric Orlando

Meanwhile Questor Insurance Services issued a press release a couple of days ago commenting on the electric car rental.
Vehicle hire excess and travel insurance specialist Questor Insurance looks at the launch of a scheme in Orlando, Florida, which aims to create a "seamlessly positive experience” for visitors to the area renting an electric vehicle.

The Drive Electric Orlando (DEO) initiative will work to ensure that electric vehicles are on offer at a number of rental agencies, while helping to ensure that charging stations are readily available at hotels, theme parks and other key landmarks on the tourist trail.

Commenting, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “New car technologies are revolutionising our time on the road and it’s good news that drivers can save both money and the environment by hiring an electric vehicle in Orlando.
“However, to make even further savings drivers should remember to take out car hire excess insurance in advance of their trip.”

Buy your car hire excess insurance at Questor Insurance today. Questor Insurance’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign is running from June to September and will provide travellers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother

SOURCE: Questor Insurance

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