Saturday 31 July 2010

dailyexcess.com featured provider August 10

Every month for the rest of 2010 we are featuring one of the car hire or van hire insurance providers who advertises on http://www.insurance4carrental.com/ For August we are featuring the Dailyexcess.com.

It is part of the insurance4carhire.com family Dailyexcess.com is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd and was established by Larry Ursich who set up Insurance4carhire.com in 2002.

The dailyexcess.com product caters for those clients wanting to buy car hire excess insurance from an independent provider who are going away for a few days or even their annual holiday and might only travel once a year and who don't need to buy an annual policy.

For 10 years, Larry Ursich ran his own car rental broking company, working closely with Dollar and Budget. After noting the high costs being charged by the car rental companies for Excess cover, Larry decided to develop a better alternative: annual car rental Excess insurance products offering customers convenience, peace of mind and very significant savings.

This organic growth has been achieved through providing exceptional value for money and high standards of customer service and endorsements in mainstream newspapers has been the cornerstone to growth. Most of our customers renew year on year, and referrals from our customers to their family and friends account for a large proportion of our business. What’s more, the travel and motoring press have been consistent in their praise and recommendation of our policies.

In December 2007 Insurance4carhire was acquired by the Towergate Partnership, the largest independently owned insurance intermediary in Europe.

To find out more click in this link http://www.dailyexcess.com/index.asp?curID=1&langID=1&refID=188

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Car hire insurance specialist has launched offers on European policies

Long established Car hire excess insurance specialist and market leader, Insurance4carhire.com, has announced that it will be lowering the cost of its annual European policies from £49 to £39.20.

This represents a drop of an incredible 20% per policy, which is equal to almost £10! Combined with the potential savings that can be made on excess insurance, this will be welcome news to travellers looking to reduce the cost of this year’s summer holiday.

To find out more about this great news Click Here.

For information about the £39.20 Annual European product Click Here

Car Hire Excess Insurance policies now explained at travelsupermarket.com

The Google alerts came up with news this morning that "Car Hire Excess Insurance policies explained@ travelsupermarket.com -
Taking out a standalone car hire excess insurance policy is often much cheaper than paying the car rental companies for the same cover."

They have a page explaining about car hire excess insurance and how to save money when you buy it from a specialist provider.

They are currently featuring three providers. Two fairly newcomers to this market Odyssey and iCarhireinsurance.com plus insurance4carhire.com the original car hire excess insurance provider established in 2002.

The feature includes the new discounted insurance4carhire.com "Annual European cover for £39.20"

There are now numerous providers of car hire excess insurance in the market place and it will be interesting to see if other companies are included in due course.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Car hire excess with Insurance4carhire.com -This is money

Just spotted this at the "This is Money website"

"Car hire excess with Insurance4carhire.com

Insurance4carhire.com, the car hire excess insurance firm that had been undercut by its rival icarhireinsurance.com over the last months, has cut the cost of its annual European policies from £49 to £39.20. A 20% cut, initially for the summer only but which is likely to remain for longer. This move puts the company back at the top of the cheapest providers."

Want to know more about this great offer? Follow this link http://www.insurance4carhire.com/index.asp?linkfrom=4&curID=1&langID=1&refID=188 and then click on "Europe 31 days"

Monday 26 July 2010

Motorhome excess insurance now at insurance4carrental.com

Great news for those people renting a motorhome / campervan and wanting great value excess insurance. It is now being advertised on the insurance4carrental.com site.

For a couple of years jml Property Services have been receiving enquiry emails like the following:

SUBJECT - Accident waiver insurance - I am looking for accident waiver insurance. I will be holidaying in a rented motorhome in Canada for three weeks in August 2010. I have accident insurance through the hire company but they do not offer accident waiver on the excess amounts of the policy. Can you provide, or direct me to providers, of this cover. The for most areas of the policy the excess is CAD1000, but in one instance this rises to CAD300. Thank you


Please could somebody contact me immediately as I would like to cover a
hired motor home from next week and would like to know if this is possible.

You can contact me (J...R...) on 0207 0XXXXXX.


Subject: CDW Camper van
I am hiring a camper van in New Zealand 3rd May-9th May 2009. It is a Adventure Tourer 2-3 Berth automatic based on a 2.8 litre Toyota

I am looking for collision damage waiver for the hire

Could you please let me have a quote

Many thanks

John H....

SUBJECT - Rented motorhome accident waiver insurance
My wife and I have hired a motorhome through A...... Canada for three weeks in August 2010. While we will have insurance cover through the company. I am looking for accident waiver insurance for CAD 3000 for the holiday.

Do you have such a service and if so at what cost for the period 6th August - 27th August 2010?
We will be travelling from Calgary visiting several National Parks on route to Vancouver Island and then return to Calgary.

I will be the only driver. I am a British Citizen. I am 60 years old with 43 years driving experience. I have no driving or other offences in anywhere in the world.
If you have such policies please provide a quote.

Thank you

John W

We were very pleased to learn that Questor Insurance Services have just launched their Motorhome / Campervan excess insurance.Prices start from just £6.99 per day and they cover rentals up to 31 days in length.

More information at the insurance4carrental.com site at http://www.insurance4carrental.com/Motorhome_excess.htm

Sunday 25 July 2010

Hidden costs used to bump up car hire costs

The Daily Mail ran a news item on Wednesday 14th July 2010 entitled "Scare tactics and hidden costs they use to bump up car hire"
The article by Liz Philips explained that "Greedy car-hire firms have almost doubled the cost of rentals in the run-up to the summer holidays in the most popular European hotspots - but it is the extras that really bump up the price"

The first part is most likely a consequence of the car hire shortage in the summer of 2009. Personally I know of two situations whereby for this week in Dublin, Ireland a friend was quoted over €350 for six days car hire and I recently paid £255 for 8 days hire in Nice, France and the same time last year it cost £322, not a decrease this year, but that was for 15 days car hire.

The report goes on to say "A lucrative trick is to frighten you into taking out extra insurance when you pick up the car. Rentals include collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection, which reduce your liability should you have an accident or the car is stolen.

But there is still an excess. This is the amount you pay before the standard cover steps in and can range from £500 to £2,000.The first you might hear of this excess is when you arrive at the airport. To buy insurance to cover it can cost £20 a day, and it won't reduce it to nothing."

The car hire company in Nice were quite determined to sell me excess insurance the other week and I explained that my wife and I have a Family annual policy (via insurance4carhire.com) and I will be checking my credit card statement thoroughly to make sure they have not added this on.

"Child seats are a legal requirement throughout Europe, so families with youngsters can't do without them. But you can save by taking your own. Even if the airline charges for extra baggage, it usually comes to only £20 - far cheaper than most rental firms."

Whilst standing in the very hot queue at Nice Airport I saw a family being handed over two child seats over the counter and as this subject is regularly raised in car hire add on costs in the media this year was wondering how much extra they had paid?

"Refuelling is another money- spinner. Bob Atkinson, of Travelsupermarket.com, says: 'If you're supposed to be given a full tank, check you have. 'They often short-change you. If you have to return it full, refuel before you drop it off, as they'll charge to do it themselves. If you're on a short stay, don't go for a company that gives you a full tank. You won't use all the fuel you've paid for.' "

This is indeed an interesting subject. It was a very hot July morning and there were a lot of people waiting for their cars once they had signed up the hire agreements. It appeared that as cars were coming back in they were getting them cleaned as quickly as possible. We waited nearly half an hour and spotted our car in the car wash (pictured above), however when we eventually got it, we checked for damage (which is harder if the car has just been washed, it is raining or in the dark) and found a couple of marks.

The process is not too straightforward. Although I told the person who had just driven the car out from the car wash, I then had to get into a queue again to go to the check in desk to get my comments signed off. By the time I got into the car I never checked the fuel guage. It was very hot and we wanted to get going.

The south of France has been experiencing one of the hottest Julys for some 30 years with very high humidity. We hardly used the car, however on the occasions we did actually opened the windows and let the fresh air in instead of the air conditioning. The fuel tank had gone down quite quickly taking this into account, maybe the Peugot 207 has quite a small tank, however compared to other small cars we have hired, it did appear to be rather thirsty. I re-filled it before returning it and getting checked back in.

Maybe it was not full when I picked it up and maybe it had been returned requiring fuel and there was not time to fill it up.

It might be inconvenient to bring your child seats, but it is easy to bring your own car hire excess insurance. Visit www.insurance4carrental.com before you travel. It is very light work!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Car hire insurance can be bought via the Internet anytime

The great advantage of the Internet is that if you need to buy something you don't need to do this in office hours in so many cases these days. It does not matter if you are buying something in a different time zone, as you can still do it.

When it comes to buying car hire excess insurance or van hire insurance, you should normally be able to do this in your own currency at a time you want to. Prices might only be quoted in £ sterling € Euros or $ Dollars, however currency converters can be found on the Internet and as you will be paying by card, the amount you have paid will be in your local currency on your credit card or bank statement once the transaction has been made.

As many people have Internet use at work they will take short brake to search for what they are looking for and arrange the deal on line. Others leave it till later in the evening or a weekend.

A representative from a car hire insurance provider was telling me a few months ago that when they go into the office in the morning there will normally be numerous transactions that have taken place overnight after they have closed the office for the night.

Quite often people arrange a trip, then know they have to purchase flights, travel insurance, car hire and as car hire excess insurance is normally cheaper via an independent supplier tthat as well.

If you are taking several trips a year, it makes sense to take an annual policy and if you want an even better deal for a husband and wife / partner and partner several companies offer annual
"Family and Partners" policies.

As research is showing that more and more people are living longer and naturally still wanting to drive and hire cars. Car hire insurance policies for the 75 to 85 age group are also available.

jml Property Services advertise car hire insurance and van hire insurance providers on their insurance4carrental.com site . Providers like insurance4carhire.com - dailyexcess.com - Questor Insurance - Essential Travel - Odyssey Insurance - Icarhire insurance - insuremyvanhire.com and Lifestyle excess insurance from insure4excess.com

You don't have be up all night searching the Internet, simply go to www.insurance4carrental.com

Thursday 1 July 2010

Towergateaffiliates.com launched

The company that runs the insurance4carhire.com business Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd has announced the launch of Towergateaffiliates.com - a new service aimed at providing website owners and online introducers with the ability to promote Towergate eInsurance product offerings online.

According to a report from Broking.co.uk the Towergate Affiliates programme allows affiliates to send traffic to the various Towergate businesses including Insurance4Carhire, Your Insurance and AssureUK in return for payment of commission on business underwritten.

It has been designed to enable affiliates to view their activity in real time, something that up and until now has not been available across multiple Towergate businesses.

Simon Vella, Towergate eInsurance director, said: “The single platform offered by Towergateaffiliates.com allows us to attract affiliates to a range of offers and simply bolt on new offers as they become web enabled. The system allows us to track in a single place, all the affiliate activity carried out on our behalf.

“It also allows us to strictly control creative and the way in which we are promoted which is vital to make sure our programme works within the compliance framework.”

Currently the programme is offering four insurance products with more specialist insurance products available soon: business insurance via Your Insurance Group; SME and niche business insurance via Assure UK; car hire excess insurance via Insurance4carhire.com; Excess Protection via Insure4 Excess.

jml Property Services have been agents for insurance4carhire.com since 2004 and promote their products on various jml Property Services websites

Questor car hire insurance featured provider July 10

Every month for the rest of 2010 we are featuring one of the car hire or van hire insurance providers who advertises on www.insurance4carrental.com

We started in June with insurance4carhire.com and now move onto a company that has been advertising on the jml Property Services sites since 2008. The company is Questor insurance Services.

Andrew Lawrence is the founder and Chief Executive of Questor Insurance Services Limited.

Questor offers Car Hire Insurance the cover available is worldwide including the UK and we are the only broker offering to cover those clients who rent vehicles near to their home. They offer two product options: -

Daily - covering a single car rental agreement of a fixed period up to 180 days in length. Premiums start from £2.98 per day.

Annual - covering unlimited car rental agreements in the year up to 31 days per rental agreement. Premiums start from £43.68 per annum.

Another product they offer is "My Driving Licence Insurance" There are 6,000 speeding cameras in the UK and 1 in 5 drivers will receive penalty points on their licence each year.

My driving Licence Insurance provides for additional travel expenses incurred because of the loss of your driving licence through the totting up procedures. There are three level of cover and the premium you pay will depend on the number of points you have on your licence and the cover you purchase.

The three levels of cover are: -

1.Level 1: £500 per month / £6,000 per year
2.Level 2: £1,000 per month / £12,000 per year
3.Level 3: £2,000 per month / £24,000 per year

Questor is authorised and regulated by the FSA

To find out more about Questor Insurance Services visit their advertising page at the insurance4carrental.com site http://www.insurance4carrental.com/questor.htm

(information on prices from the Questor Insurance Services website 01-07-10)