Wednesday 25 September 2013

Unrecorded Damage Found by One in Three Who Have Hired a Car for Business

Car hire companies are not giving accurate descriptions of existing damage on hire cars, according to a YouGov survey, commissioned by iCarhireinsurance.com, a leading provider of stand-alone car hire insurance.

In a Press Release issued on the 24th September 2013, over one in three business travellers (37%) said that they have found damage on their hire car which was not highlighted on the check-out sheet when they collected the car. 

Any damage incurred to a hire car, even if the car is stolen or scratched in a car park, can lead to the hirer having to pay the first part of an insurance claim, up to the excess amount, which can be as much as GBP £1,800 (e.g. if hiring a VW Golf with Budget in Milan in Italy in October 2013). 

"When you pick up a hire car check it over as thoroughly as if you were buying it," said Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of iCarhireinsurance.com. "Most people expect the wheels, for example, to have minor scrapes from general wear and tear and don't imagine that this would be picked up as 'damage' on a pre-car check, however we see plenty of people getting charged for minor wheel or bumper damage which they're pretty sure they didn't cause but which weren't identified when they collected the vehicle." 

SMEs can make significant savings on their travel budget if they buy car hire excess insurance from a specialist provider like iCarhireinsurance.com. Buying the daily excess waiver from the car hire company adds on up to 77% again to the original rental cost, according to the average price of five rental companies' excess insurance to hire a VW Golf, or similar, for a week in Milan, Italy in October 2013 (see Table 1 below), according to iCarhireinsurance.com research.

A car hire excess insurance waiver bought direct from a rental company is approximately GBP 24 a day compared with GBP £2.99 per day for a policy from iCarhireinsurance.com - over 88% cheaper - which also includes cover for the windows, tyres, windscreen and the undercarriage, which the rental companies usually exclude. 

"When a small chip to the windscreen can cost hundreds business travellers need to make sure they buy excess insurance before they fly," said Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO at iCarhireinsurance.com. "Send us your rental expenses and we'll produce a report detailing the amount that could be saved with iCarhireinsurance.com annual policies." 

Regular business users can buy an annual policy from just GBP 39.99 for business and leisure use. Source iCarhireinsurance

iCarhireinsurance also offer Car Club Insurance excess products and Van Hire Excess Insurance products

Find out more about all their products Here

Thursday 19 September 2013

Petrol prices could be spiraling upwards in a matter of weeks.

Questor Insurance have been looking into  forecasts which show that global factors such as an increase in demand from Asia, and the ongoing unrest in Syria and Egypt, could send petrol prices spiraling upwards in a matter of weeks.

The Petrol Retailers' Association has forecasted that the cost of petrol could climb by 5p a litre before October, putting added pressure on cash-strapped motorists.

This would send the price of petrol from £1.37 a litre to £1.42 a litre– returning to the record-high achieved in April this year.

While the price of petrol is rising at slower rate compared to 2012, drivers in the UK have still been hit by a 2p per litre rise in the cost of petrol.

Research from the AA has suggested that ongoing fluctuations in the cost of petrol have put considerable strain on drivers’ budgets, with 20% of AA members surveyed arguing that fuel price rises had pushed their finances "to near breaking-point".

Further figures from the research reveal that shifts in the price of petrol over the last 18 months have led one in six drivers to look for a cash boost to meet increased expenses. This has come from a number of sources, including payday loans and their savings.

And it’s not just the UK that is set to be reeling from potential petrol price hikes. In Malaysia the government has recently decided to increase the cost of RON 95 petrol and diesel by 20 sen, while in Pakistan the government is set to approve an Rs5.89/litre increase in the price of petroleum products.

Commenting, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “With the world economy still in a state of flux, travelers may face increased costs for fuel wherever they go.
“Taking out car hire excess insurance in advance is one way that travelers can save on their holiday motoring costs.”

Buy your car hire excess insurance at Questor Insurance today!

Questor Insurance’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign is running from June to September 2013 and will provide travelers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother - Source Questor Insurance

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Economy car hire says good bye to card fees

I received an email update yesterday from Economy Car Hire. Great news for customers. As a result of customer feedback they state that they have permanently removed their £3 credit card fee

Whether you wish to pay on a credit card or debit card, you can now do so free of charge.

At the same time "Economy Car Hire comes out on top in broker comparison!"

According to their 11th September article, "Car hire is fantastic value for money and gives you the freedom to explore your chosen holiday destination at your own pace. Done correctly, car hire is easy, stress free and provides you with a great start to your break!

Sometimes, that can be easier said than done, so we have compared our prices to those of 5 competitors, Holiday Autos, Rental Cars, Auto Europe, Argus Car Hire and easyCar to guide you to making the best choice.

We looked at quotes for Faro Airport, hiring an economy sized vehicle for 1 week in mid-September 2013.(Prices correct as of Friday 30th August 2013.) 

See the comparisson chart research here

What have they learned from this?
  • The excess amounts applicable ranged from €750 – €4,500 so check what is included in the price you are quoted. All of our headline prices always include either no insurance excess, or excess reimbursement insurance.
  • Check the cost of an additional driver. We always include one completely free of charge.
  • Does the price include free breakdown assistance? This is always complimentary when you book with us.
  • Check what the additional insurance covers. Make sure that damage to the tyres, glass parts and underside of the vehicle are included in the policy, as they are with our top-up insurance which costs just £2 per rental day.
  • Is there a fee to pay with a credit card? We have recently removed our credit card fee, so you can pay with a debit or credit card free of charge.
  • What is the fuel policy? All of the suppliers that we work with in Portugal operate with a fair fuel policy and we are working hard to increase the number of car hire suppliers worldwide that provide a better deal for our customers.
So, for the best value for money and guaranteed peace of mind, get a quote with Economy Car Hire Here now.
(Source of information Economy Car Hire)

Holiday Autos are saying it is time to pack your bags....

It is a wet miserable September day in the south of England today (mind you I was talking to someone in Poitiers in France a few minutes ago and the weather was about the same).

So what about thinking of an autumn break and hiring a car for a few days?

Holiday Autos says "Whether you’ve just started planning your next holiday or it’s right around the corner, you’re probably dreading packing. But fear not – suitcase technology is here to help.

They are talking about these Futuristic Suitcases that will squish down your clothes to leave room for shopping, weigh themselves so you can avoid excess baggage charges, or transform into a scooter to get you around. 

If you prefer driving something a little more solid and keeping your suitcases in the boot, check out their latest prices for your holiday car hire" Find out more Here They also offer the following travel tip - Don't fear holiday packing.

(Source info from Holiday Autos) 

Thursday 12 September 2013

Electric car hire in Orlando, Florida USA

Drive Electric Orlando issued a press release on the 5th September saying that An unprecedented partnership of Orlando's leading rental agency, top hotels and major attractions today officially launched Drive Electric Orlando (DEO). The effort is a first-of-its-kind electric car rental initiative that gives Orlando visitors another exciting experience to add to their itinerary in the Sunshine State -- driving an electric car. 

"Orlando's visitors now have an opportunity to try out an exciting technology while saving time, saving money and making a difference," said Robbie Diamond, president and CEO of the Electrification Coalition, which is leading the Drive Electric Orlando effort. "We see this program as Orlando's newest and smartest ride, a program that lets visitors see all that Orlando has to offer while leaving the gas pump behind."

With an extensive network of partners and more than 300 electric charging stations throughout America's tourism capital, Drive Electric Orlando offers a seamless experience.

"With more than 57 million visitors annually and one of the largest charging networks in the country, Orlando is the ideal location for the Drive Electric project," said Diamond. "Where better to introduce Americans to the electric car than North America's leading travel destination and the world's largest rental car market?"

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the Drive Electric Orlando car rental partner, is renting Nissan LEAF plug-in electric vehicles at its Orlando International Airport location. "Our supporting role in the Drive Electric Orlando project promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in one of the world's top tourist destinations," said Lee Broughton, head of sustainability, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. "We know that the car rental experience is often an extended test drive. Our partnership with Drive Electric Orlando familiarizes travelers with new vehicle technology that they may not otherwise be able to experience."

SOURCE: Drive Electric Orlando

Meanwhile Questor Insurance Services issued a press release a couple of days ago commenting on the electric car rental.
Vehicle hire excess and travel insurance specialist Questor Insurance looks at the launch of a scheme in Orlando, Florida, which aims to create a "seamlessly positive experience” for visitors to the area renting an electric vehicle.

The Drive Electric Orlando (DEO) initiative will work to ensure that electric vehicles are on offer at a number of rental agencies, while helping to ensure that charging stations are readily available at hotels, theme parks and other key landmarks on the tourist trail.

Commenting, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “New car technologies are revolutionising our time on the road and it’s good news that drivers can save both money and the environment by hiring an electric vehicle in Orlando.
“However, to make even further savings drivers should remember to take out car hire excess insurance in advance of their trip.”

Buy your car hire excess insurance at Questor Insurance today. Questor Insurance’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign is running from June to September and will provide travellers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother

SOURCE: Questor Insurance