Wednesday 29 January 2014

insurance4carhire mentioned again in Daily Telegraph report this week

There was an article earlier this week in the Daily Telegraph by Gill Charlton "Unexplained car-hire bill on my credit card - Ask the experts: Gill Charlton wins a refund for a reader whose card was wrongly charged after he returned a rental car" 

This was all to do with a reader being charged for alleged damage to a car that he rented from Bristol Airport from Hertz - Full story here 

The article went on to say " As Hertz charges a steep £22.79 a day for its “Super Cover” excess waiver, I would buy an annual policy from an insurance broker. Insurance4carhire  offers excess cover in Britain and Europe for £39.99 a year"

In fact had she said that if readers buy their insurance4carhire Europe via the insurance4carrental.com or jml-insurance.co.uk website the charge would only be £38 a year. More on this here

Wednesday 22 January 2014

French car hire companies are taking advantage of President Hollande's affair story in car hire advertisements

The Mail online ran a story yesterday "'Mr President, next time avoid the scooter': French car hire firms take advantage of Hollande affair scandal to poke fun in new adverts Car hire firm suggests he should've used a car with tinted windows"

The car hire company Sixt has run ad saying  'Mr President, next time avoid the scooter. Sixt rents cars with tinted windows.'

See the Mail online report here

This is not the first time that Sixt has run ads suggesting those in the public eye in France hire a car.

Their ads have included another "President Hollande" ad, one for Carla Bruni suggesting a "people's carrier" and one for welcoming home DSK -  Dominique Strauss-Kahn

If you are planning a trip to France in the very near future and will be hiring a car  then take a look at Economy Car Hire or Holiday Autos to find out how they can provide that perfect vehicle.

Monday 20 January 2014

Get in early for a great deal on hiring a car says The Independent

Whilst reading the "Your Money" section of Saturday's Independent (18th January 2014) looking for Paul Gosling's  Question of Cash column regarding my recent pet insurance problems, I cam across Simon Read's "Bargain Hunter" column.

In this is the heading "Get in early for a great deal on hiring a car"   - January is the best time of year to book your summer car hire, according to iCahireinsurance. It says that in 2013 a traveller booking in January saved an average of £154 compared with those who booked in April 2013 - while some saved a much as £652 by booking early.

Well January is now half over so get booking. Holiday Autos have been running a sale this month and Economy Car Hire have great deals too, so it looks like you need to start making those summer holiday arrangements soon to grab some good deals

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Car Hire excess Insurance companies mentioned in The Guardian's Consumer champions – 2013 in review

Two car hire excess insurance companies were mentioned on the 21st December 2013 in The Guardian's "Consumer champions -2013 in review" feature.

Under "The other big issues" - Miles Brignall wrote "Every year we write articles explaining how to avoid getting taken for a ride by car hire firms, and every year we receive more and more complaints.

This September there was an even bigger deluge than usual – most from people complaining about charges for damage to cars they had not caused. Using our readers' letters as a barometer, we would be cautious about using G.... in Spain and B.... in Ireland.

H..... is about the best of a not-great bunch. Our advice to readers is to buy the super collision damage waiver from the likes of Insurance4carhire or Icarhireinsurance, and let them deal with any subsequent disputes. Mark any damage on the rental form and get it signed before you drive off at the start of the rental. We also think the European Commission should look at strengthening consumer protection in cross-border disputes to protect car hire users."

To view the rest of the article that covers...Financials, Energy, Mobile Phones and broadband etc go to he article here (Extract from above names of three car hire companies removed)

Friday 3 January 2014

Holiday Autos January sale starts Monday 6th January

Got a message earlier from the Holiday Autos team saying that " The Holiday Autos January Sale is nearly here. For 16 days, we'll be offering an exclusive 20% off* car hire, with different destinations every day.

Over 25 destinations worldwide will be discounted for 24 hours only, so visit our website every day to see the latest ones on sale. 

The January Sale is applicable for pickups before 1 November, so book your holiday car hire early this year and save."

As so many people are planning holidays and short break weekends now, it makes a lot of sense to book your car hire now. Visit the Holiday Autos website Here  

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