Monday, 14 January 2019

How car rental firms gouge customers for minor damages

How car rental firms gouge customers for minor damages That was the headline in an article in "The Irish Independent" on Saturday January 12 - 19.
The article by Amy Molloy was highlighting the problems of some customers of car hire companies in Ireland. The paper had reported on this subject previously, however no names of offending car hire companies were quoted. It was purely customers who had been charged amounts like €700 for scuff marks and another €1,205 for a dent in a drivers door.

The article went on to highlight how quite often multiple customers are charged for the same damage on a vehicle.

Paul Redmond, the chief executive of the Car Rental Council of Ireland said "customers were advised to inspect the car and agree details of any other defects".   

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Today nearly everyone hiring a vehicle will have a mobile phone with a camera. Even if it is a dark wet night spend a couple of minutes checking that vehicle and take photos of any signs of damage before you drive away. If a member of staff is about have your comments noted on the hire agreement.


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