Friday 28 November 2008

Annual Car Rental Insurance Renewal is here again

In October 2004 Philip Suter of JML Insurance and his wife read an article in a Saturday national newspaper about the benefits of taking out an annual car rental excess policy.

They rented cars at least half a dozen times a year and noticed how they were usually told that if the car was damaged there would be a large amount of money to pay and that was not included in the car rental standard insurance.

Naturally not wanting to have an additional worry they paid for additional insurance cover. They had never had a problem when renting a car apart from the time they used a low cost company who claimed the standard small Mercedes that was provided throughout that company's fleet had damage.

At that particular time a lot of people were invoiced for "alleged damage" and following a BBC television consumer programme the "alleged damage" deductions were refunded.

This incident and the fact that when you arrived at an airport to collect the car you were persuaded to part for non-budgeted income made this new product look interesting.

The insurance4carhire.com policy would cost around £50 each for European cover and renting a car several times a year would make it great value. Car rental companies would normally charge insurance excess by the day so even if you rented twice a year, the bill soon mounts up.

Philip Suter contacted the founder of insurance4carhire.com Larry Ursich, who had founded the company two years earlier in 2002. Larry had run his own car rental booking company for 10 years or so and noting the high costs being charged by the car rental companies for Excess cover, decided to develop a better alternative.

By this time jml-property-insurance.co.uk were selling a lot of HomeLet landlords and tenants property rental insurance policies and this alternative looked very interesting. Larry appointed jml Insurance as web agency and since then thousands of these policies have been sold to jml insurance and jml villas.com clients. Insurance4 car hire also cover North America and offer worldwide policies and two European renewal policies have just been sold to Philip Suter and his wife as the October termination notifications have been received.

Jml insurance.co.uk also offers other products from the husband and wife team of Larry and Maureen Ursich. "They keep on finding interesting non standard insurance products" says Philip. These include Second Home Emergency Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance Premium Reduction insurance and Car Key Insurance - it can cost over £400 to get a new set of car keys! It would interesting to see what products they develop next .

Philip Suter is a Director of JML Property Services, a UK based company offering Insurance products on line and management training with in the uk. He is a very experienced property consultant with over 30 years work in the Residential letting business and served in the national council of ARLA. He is a Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and a Member of The association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)

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