Friday 25 December 2009

Car hire excess insurance can be purchased anywhere in the world

Although two of the major providers of car hire excess insurance are based in the UK, residents in any country in the world can easily buy their products. This is of course subject to the individual insurance specialist’s terms and conditions.

Insurance4carhire.com says in it’s questions and answers section “Can I purchase your Excess Policies if I am not a resident of the UK? Yes, our Excess policies can be purchased by people resident anywhere in the world”

We recently contacted Questor insurance about this issue and they replied.” I can confirm that non-UK residents are eligible to purchase our car hire excess insurance.

Please note that non-UK residents would not be covered to hire in their home country e.g. a resident of France would not be covered for hires in France”

You can of course purchase insurance4carhire.com “Daily excess Reimbursement Insurance” and use this on car hire vehicles close to your own home. For example if you live in London or another major city, your car is in for repair or you don’t have one and need to rent for a couple of days, according to the company that is no problem, however you will not be able to use their annual policy locally like that. Naturally you should check with them for the full details.

So remember if you live in Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, the USA etc it is possible to buy car hire excess via insurance providers advertising on www.insurance4carrental.com

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