Sunday 14 March 2010

Hire Car Scam in Singapore

Comparecarhire.co.uk's "Travel News" has reported that a young Singaporean man was sentenced on the 11th March 2010 by a local district court to serve 42 months behind bars following investigations into an alleged car hire scam.

22-year-old Allen Tan Wei Loon pleaded guilty to eight charges, mainly involving cheating and fraud, and was also banned from driving for the next four years after it was discovered that he had been driving without any insurance cover or a driver’s license. The court heard how Loon cheated around S$134,000, the majority of which has already been repaid.

The scandal followed Loon’s response to an advertisement placed online by Ms Lim Lay Lan offering her car for rent. Loon then kept the $2,725 that Ms Lan had transferred into his account which was meant to cover insurance and road taxes.

One month later Loon used a similar trick to swindle a similar amount from another would-be renter, keeping the tax and insurance charges and reneging on promises to pay the owner, Mr Tan Keng Hwee, monthly rental fees.

Loon then proceeded to use the same deception on a number of other unsuspecting car owners, never paying a cent and frequently sub-letting vehicles out to a third party, who all paid him for the privilege. In one case, Loon had rented a Mazda RX8 belonging to Ms Ng See Wee to Mr Eric Ng Kian Seng, who reported the vehicle stolen after two months of driving. In fact, it had been retaken by the original owner who then tipped-off authorities to the scam.

Source: Comparecarhire.co.uk

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