Tuesday 27 April 2010

Car hire excess insurance providers continue to multiply

The number of car hire excess insurance providers is increasing by the month. On March 24th 2010 on this blog there were 27, today on the 27th March there are 30.

The original report on the blog "Car hire excess insurance providers" can be seen by following the link below.
http://carhireexcessinsurance.blogspot.com/2010/03/car-hire-excess-insurance-providers.html I had researched insurance websites offering car hire excess insurance. The number was 27 individual insurance providers with websites that I could find on the world wide web. I did not include the insurance4carrental.com advertising service.
Just over a month later I have researched again and found another 3 providers. That means there are at least 30 companies now offering this type of product.

It will soon be as congested as the Travel insurance business. The idea is great to take out car hire excess insurance, but are you really spoilt for choice. Some of the 30 listed are part of the same company (original provider in the market insurance4carhire.com) others use the underwriter that insurance4carhire.com used to have before they became part of Towergate a couple of years ago.

So far most insurance providers appear to come from the UK and Ireland, does anyone know of any others and we can add them to http://www.insurance4carrental.com/Car_Hire_excess_services.htm as it looks like this market is still continuing to grow. There is even a comparison site now, however that only compares around 7 providers.

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