Wednesday 22 September 2010

Insurance4carhire - anybody used them before ?

Spotted this on a website eurogamer.net 18th September 10 "Insurance4carhire - anybody used them before (excess waivers)

Has anybody used Insurance4carhire or any other excess waiver companies before?

A tour operator has recommended them to us instead of taking out the Budget Car Rental companies excess waiver (the above is £65 for an annual policy, Budget's will cost us approx £250 for the holiday).

On paper I4CH (can't be bothered to type that out anymore) looks the better option, as it refunds all of the excess (Budget just reduces it to £225 from £1500) and it also covers more, such as tyres, windows, undercarriage and roof, all of which aren't covered by Budget. That said, I'm concerned that I'd have to pay the excess up front if any damage was caused and then claim it back...not entirely confident that they'll pay up without any major hassle and even more concerned that they won't pay up at all.

If someone has used them before and made a claim, it'd help put my mind at ease. "

No one replied with an answer, however they are very good value in my opinion. Take a look at their site here

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