Tuesday 15 February 2011

Rent an eco car

Just had an email altert in from Stars'n'Bars in Monaco and this was all about the MonacoUSA Happy Hour on Thursday February 17.

Moving about on their website I came across this page - "Rent an Eco car" -
Stars’n'Bars is delighted to be assisting Monaco’s first 4-wheel electric car rental company MC ECO RENTAL. The new company offers residents and tourists the chance to tour in and around the principality with zero emissions.

The fleet consists of 6 Estrima Biro, 2-seater urban cars that are 100% electric and be charged on a traditional plug. The cars can be rented by the hour, half-day, day, week or month. Reserve by telephone and the car can be delivered to your preferred location or picked up at the Stars'n'Bars.

Looking at the mc-eco-rental website you can hire these electric vehicles at starting price of €15.

Their website is in French and to rent one of their cars you will need the following:

Pour louer le véhicule, il vous sera demandé de présenter une pièce d'identité ainsi qu'un permis de type A1 (équivalent BSR) ou B1, et une caution de 600 euros (par carte bancaire, non débitée) jusqu'à 24h de location, et de 1500€ pour plus de 24h.

Une assurance supplémentaire pourra également être souscrite par le locataire, pour un montant forfaitaire de 30€ (non remboursable, ramenant ainsi le montant de la caution à 300€ (jusqu'à 24h - nous consulter pour plus de 24h -).

The little car has just about enough space for two people (driver and passenger) and measuring 1m X 1,74 so it is not going to be hard to park and ideal for touring Monaco.

They obviously don't go too quickly, however if you are wanting to see the "traffic" moving around Monaco ....FAST then the Stars'N'Bars 3 storey restaurant is located directly in front of the Grand Prix “paddocks” where the greatest Formula 1 drivers in the world and their teams set up headquarters during the four day Monaco racing event every May.

For those who like visting the Historic Monaco Grand Prix - Grand Prix Historique de Monaco that is held on the same streets every other year. Next date will be May 2012
More information at http://www.cotedazurrental.com/historic_monaco_grand_prix.htm

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