Tuesday 5 April 2011

Car Rental drivers must pay the London Congestion Charge

CChargepass will make it easy and save you money by ensuring you “never forget to pay

As anyone living or working in London will know the London Congestion Charge is a daily charge payable by motorists travelling into or within the London Congestion Charge Zone.

The main objectives of the Congestion Charge are to reduce traffic congestion and to raise funds for investment in London's transport system. The Zone came into operation in Central London in 2003. The system is run on an automatic basis using CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

What about visitors to London who rent a car?

The Congestion Charge is £10 plus a £2 admin fee fromCChargepass. If you do not pay the Congestion Charge by midnight on the following charging day, a penalty of £120 will be issued. If the penalty is paid within 14 days the fine is reduced to £60. The Car Rental Company, as the registered owner, will pay the fine. The Car Rental Company will then charge your credit card for the penalty (£60) and an admin fee of £30-£50. This means each day you travel into London can cost you as much as £110

So what do you do?

Register with CChargepass.com for an annual fee of just £15 and each day they will text you to ask if you have entered or intend to enter the Congestion Zone. Reply "Yes" and they will charge your credit card for that day’s entry. No reply and your card will not be charged....Simple

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