Saturday 14 May 2011

How to avoid Expensive Car Rental Tactics

The US Magazine "Consumer Reports" has an article in it's June 2011 edition "Buck the trend of car-rental surprises" and in the "Automotive Discovery" website today there is an article by Audra Dinino "Consumer Reports Outlines How to Avoid Expensive Rental Car Tactics".

The article says "Remember the “good old days” when rental car companies tried to get you behind the wheel and on the road with no hassle. Those days are gone. Today’s car rental companies have become more aggressive and in some cases just plain pushy about expensive extras and “gotcha” pricing. The June issue of Consumer Reports on newsstands May 10, 2011 and online at www.ConsumerReports.org outlines some of the expensive and common car-rental hassles and what consumers can do to avoid them.
“It used to be that car-rental companies made it as easy as possible to get you signed up and on the road,” says Consumer Reports senior editor Jeff Blyskal. “These days consumers need to slow things down and be more guarded to make sure they don’t pay more than necessary.”

Consumer Reports reminds consumers that you have a choice when it comes to those add-on services and liability coverage. In addition it recommends being aware the next time the person behind the counter puts the pressure on you for these add-ons.

1.There is a fee for every extra. Treat a rental car like a hotel mini bar: Don’t take any goodies without knowing the price. This includes GPS navigation, satellite radio, and child safety seats.

2. The insurance hard sell. Rental agents might strongly sell renters on a loss damage waiver that limits the renter’s liability for damage for $60 to $250 a week. Don’t take it, consumers may already be covered on their own auto insurance policy if it includes collision and/or comprehensive coverage. Some credit cards also provide protection.

3. Scratch-and-dent claims. Always pay by credit card so any inaccurate charges can be disputed. Fully inspect the car at pick up time, noting any damages in the paperwork

4. Return the car with gas. If not, expect to pay as much as $8 per gallon to have the rental agency fill the tank.

5. Decline the upgrade pitch. Don’t expect to be offered a roomier car at no extra cost
For more tips on how to get the best deal on car rentals log on to www.ConsumerReports.org -

To view Audra Dinino's article in full Click here to go to the Automotive Website

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