Friday 16 September 2011

Why do UK car retailers not supply GB Plate Number Plates

Whenever you leave the UK with your vehicle, you must display the GB nationality plate. Euro-plates - number plates that include the GB euro-symbol - have been legal since March 2001 and make display of a conventional sticker unnecessary when the vehicle is travelling within the European Union according to the DVLA.

Most European countries have their national identity on their number plates these days (e.g. France - F, Ireland -IRL, Poland -PL. Netherlands- NL) whether they are members of the EU or not. In the UK although a lot of vehicles are fitted with these , many vehicle suppliers have a policy of not providing them which means a car owner has to buy a sticker for one or get a traditional GB sticker .

It is a great pity that the UK Government does not do the same as it's European neigbours and make it a legal requirement for all vehicles to have euro-number plates. The GB is then shown on the rear yellow plate and white front plate.

The cost of a GB "Euro-plate" costs the same as the conventional yelloe and white plates and putting a "GB" sticker on the back of the vehicle is not only ugly because of their average size, it can also damage paintwork when you try to remove them.

If main car dealers actually adopted a policy of providing these euro-plates when they sell a brand new vehicle or second hand one the numbers of these would dramatically increase.

Many of the newer EU member states have this type of plate as standard and non EU countries like Switzerland and Monaco have a flag or country code within their registration plate. I even spotted a Rusian registered Ferrari in Antibes port a couple of weeks ago that had "RUS" within it's number plates.

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Reeceloui said...

It is a abundant benevolence that the UK Government does not do the aforementioned as it's European neigbours and accomplish it a acknowledged claim for all cars to accept euro-number plates. The GB is again apparent on the rear chicken bowl and white foreground plate.

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Unknown said...

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Amarkl said...

There as been a change recently with the regulations surrounding MOT requirements in the UK forRegistration Plates. It's no longer considered a failure if your vehicle registration plates do not display the suppliers name and address details.

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