Thursday 17 November 2011

Focus on Dublin Car Hire Rental Staff

This morning I came acroos this article on the iCarhireinsurance site today. "Dubious Dublin airport car rental staff ".

This is a subject that is very close to my heart and I have submitted a few articles on the insurance4carrrental.com website as a result of personal experiences with car rental companies operating out of Dublin Airport, Ireland.

Unfortunately Ernie's article highlighs some of the major problems that iCarhireinsurance clients have been and continue to experience. 

iCarhireinsurance says that "what strikes us from the comments coming in, is the fair amount of problems the car rental company staff from the various car rental firms at Dublin airport are giving our customers as well as our competitors."  I have been told a very similar story by a representative of another major car hire excess company and the problem has been going on for a few years now."

"We know car rental companies treat ancillary insurance sales as a profit centre, but incentivising staff for selling excess waiver to customers results in a poor showing of morals and customer service. Your car hire excess policy with us is always valid and not one single car rental company has any say whether it is permissible or not. Remember this is a separate contract between an individual (you) and an a regulated and authorised insurance company says iCarhireinsurance".

Ireland needs tourists and business visitors and if in their first few minutes on Irish soil they are being put off the country by this first moment impression, they won't return and what is more will be telling their friends and business associates.  

iCarhireinsurance say that they will take action with the European Commission on the client's behalf  if you let them know of the following about any car rental company you have dealt with where:-
1. they have advised that our iCarhireinsurance.com excess insurance policy is not valid.
2. you have been pressured to buy additional excess waiver protection.
3. you have been told this type of insurance is compulsory and you are required to purchase it only from the car rental firm.
4. that you have been told they will not honour your reservation if you decided to decline their insurance.

Read the entire article in full Here

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If you have been to Ireland and hired a car there and have been pressurised into buying unwanted insurance please reply on this blog or email us and we will pass your details onto the iCarhireinsurance team.

If you would like more information about iCarhireinsurance car hire excess insurance and van hire excess insurance please Click Here

Finally if you want to make coments about specific Irish car rental companies then an excellent platform is using Trip Advisor. Find the relevant forum or create your own review.


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