Tuesday 3 April 2012

The Times newspaper said Buy before you Fly

iCarhireinsurance.com the Car Hire Excess Insurance and Van Hire Excess Insurance company reported yesterday that "The Times" newspaper in the UK published iCarhireinsurance.com research this weekend (31 March 2012) in an article advising consumers on the best ways to avoid ‘expensive holiday pitfalls’.

In a section on Car Hire Traps, it said: “Times Money is constantly inundated with complaints about hire companies and the extra charges levied to catch out tired holidaymakers collecting their cars after a long flight”.

Exactly we couldn’t have said it better the iCarhireinsurance blog said. And the worst culprit? “The most expensive is excess insurance,” said Laura Whateley, money reporter for The Times. “This is useful for peace of mind, but is expensive when bought directly from car hire companies.”

And the paper’s top tip? “Consider buying it in advance from a third party instead. According to a survey by iCarhireinsurance.com…the five leading car hire companies charge an average of £17 a day for excess waiver insurance, and some as much as £23. “Independent insurance, on the other hand, can cost just a few pounds a day, or about £30 - £40 annually”.iCarhireinsurance are doing well with coverage in the News International group in the UK in the past few weeks. On the 16th March they were mentioned in The Sun.

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