Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Odyssey car hire insurance products are currently discounted

Odyssey car hire excess insurance products are being discounted to customers who buy through dedicated links at either the jml-insurance.co.uk site or insurance4carrrental.com site.

The arrangement will be effective till the end of June 2013.

Europe 31 European Excess Cover - Euro Odyssey which normally costs £39.75 is reduced to £39.00. (€48.10 to €47.19)

Daily Odyssey - Daily Car Hire Insurance that normally costs £3.99 can be yours for £3.89 (€4.83 to €4.71)

World Odyssey - Worldwide Car Hire Insurance costing £59.99 has been reduced to only £51.00 (€72.60 to €61.72)

Finally the Worldwide Odyssey Family & Partners 31 Cover for 2 policy holders costing £99.99 has gone down to £95.00 (€84.70)

To find out more follow this link

PS you might want to tell your friends about it as well if they are off on holidays or business and hiring a car.

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