Tuesday 26 June 2012

Odyssey car hire insurance products are currently discounted

Odyssey car hire excess insurance products are being discounted to customers who buy through dedicated links at either the jml-insurance.co.uk site or insurance4carrrental.com site.

The arrangement will be effective till the end of June 2013.

Europe 31 European Excess Cover - Euro Odyssey which normally costs £39.75 is reduced to £39.00. (€48.10 to €47.19)

Daily Odyssey - Daily Car Hire Insurance that normally costs £3.99 can be yours for £3.89 (€4.83 to €4.71)

World Odyssey - Worldwide Car Hire Insurance costing £59.99 has been reduced to only £51.00 (€72.60 to €61.72)

Finally the Worldwide Odyssey Family & Partners 31 Cover for 2 policy holders costing £99.99 has gone down to £95.00 (€84.70)

To find out more follow this link

PS you might want to tell your friends about it as well if they are off on holidays or business and hiring a car.

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