Monday 2 July 2012

Breathalyser kits now obligatory in cars in France - check your hire car

Heard from the Riviera Reporter yesterday. The Riviera Reporter has been the magazine in English on the French Riviera since 1987.

Yesterday was the 1st July, the day new rules cam in about Mandatory breathalyzers in cars.

The article said that as of today, each vehicle must now be equipped with a chemical or electronic breathalyser, so drivers can check that the legal limit (0.5 g per liter of blood or 0.25 mg / l of breath) has not been exceeded. Excess alcohol in 2011 remained the leading cause of death on the roads of France.

Motorists will have to tidy in their glove box to find a small place. As of July 1st 2012, breathalyzers are indeed mandatory in vehicles. Launched by the former government, this measure aims at cultivating new habits of self among road users. Are concerned, motorists in the broad sense as drivers of electric vehicles without a license will also need to get a breathalyzer.

For two-wheelers, holders of mopeds less than 50cm ³ are exempted. Even though the association l'association, Prévention routière says it really affects young people, aged 14 to 18 particularly vulnerable to alcohol consumption.

With this equipment, everyone can check that the legal limit allowed (0.5 g per liter of blood or 0.25 mg / l of breath) is not exceeded. Drivers can buy the chemical breathalyzer for €1 or an electronic breathalyser available from €90. But beware, before testing, it will be imperative to wait thirty minutes for the alcohol enters the bloodstream. Otherwise, in case of a control, the person who thought he was safe could be over the limit
For ten years in France the death rate is almost unchanged: excess alcohol on the roads causes nearly a third of road deaths: 1150 in 2011. "This is much higher than that found in England (17%) or Germany (10%), whereas alcohol consumption per capita is almost identical to that of our country. The separation between drinking and driving is more respected,” said the association Prévention routière.

This boosts sales of such equipment. "We produce between 4 and 8 million chemical breathalysers a month when the annual sales previously were over 6 to 8 million products. The market for breath alcohol testing devices is also experiencing strong growth. We saw 100,000 to 150,000 sales a year instead of 25,000," said Pierre Elefteriou CEO of Pelimex, one of the leading companies in France. Same story in Contralco, another leading company. "To meet the orders were hired. We went from 61 to 112 employees and plan to recruit 90 more people," says project manager Daniel Orgeval.

Interior Ministry has decided not to punish offenders immediately. But as of November 1st there will be a fine of €11 to those who do not have a breathalyzer in the car." (All of the article Here)

They also ran another article on their blog that included these comments " In principle all drivers in France - resident or foreign - are meant to have at least one unused "ethylotest" breathalyser in their car from tomorrow, 1 July.

But have you tried finding one? Car accessory shops, dealerships, pharmacies and hypermarkets have all run out. So while possessing the test is technically obligatory, fines will only be handed out from November. In the meantime you are likely to only get a warning.

A reminder that not all brands are legally acceptable and that there is already a black market for illicit tests. The legal ones carry the "NF" label.

The accredited suppliers of the approved devices can't produce them fast enough, so if you get a chance to buy yours, get it now. There's likely to be another shortage as the November deadline approaches. "

I have just logged into the Port of Dover website, they are not including these kits in their "Make sure your car has and Make sure you carry" sections yet. No doubt anyone crossing to France from England or Ireland will be reminded of this at the port and shops on the ferries and at the ports will be selling this product.

It will be interesting to see that the car hire companies at Nice Airport are fully equipped for the new regulations later this week. As it is now they have to provid a pack containing a reflective vest and warning triangle. (I will be adding information to this blog then) 

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The Riviera Reporter comes out every couple of months. You can download the magazine here to find out about life on the French Riviera.


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