Monday 5 August 2013

Worldwide Insure listed as one of the cheapest providers of car hire excess

In a recent article published online by the Daily Mail, Worldwide Insure has  been named as one of the cheapest providers of Car Hire Excess Insurance.

In Seven Holiday Sins That Could Spoil Your Break and Cost You Dear, finance expert Victoria Bischoff advises readers to beware of rental insurance offered by car hire companies, advising that travellers instead opt for cover from an insurance provider before going on holiday when she goes on to say “Price comparison website Moneymaxim lists the cheapest providers and deals. Worldwide Insure, for example, offers cover starting at £12.95 for a week in Europejust £1.85 a day.” (Article is Here

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?
Very simply, it is insurance to cover the excess you would be expected to pay should your hire car become damaged or if it gets stolen.

What is wrong with the insurance provided by car hire companies?
In case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, maybe you are not aware of the excess fees car hire companies will charge should you become involved in an accident or are the victim of theft. They are often well over £500, often as much as £1,000.

The excess insurance offered by the hire companies often called Collision Damage Waiver or Super insurance can be as much as £150 a week. A world apart from their European Car Hire Excess Insurance which starts at just £12.95 per week! Find out more Here

Also, if you are hiring a car in the USA you are required by law to have third party liability cover of $1million. The cover supplied by car hire companies often falls short of this figure which can leave those who have been found to be at fault in an accident with huge bills.

The Worldwide Insure  USA and Canada Car Hire Excess Insurance includes the third party liability cover, with daily rates starting at £6 – another great deal that they are proud to shout about too at Worldwide! Source Worlwide

Incidentally apart from Car Hire Excess insurance Worldwide Insure offer Motor Home Excess Insurance - Travel Insurance and Car Club Excess Insurance Visit site Here


Anonymous said...

Recycled article missing key facts.

Dallas Auto Insurance said...

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