Wednesday 2 April 2014

Beware of hidden extras says Economy Car Hire on the 1st April

Have heard from Economy Car Hire yesterday on the 1st April. Warning potential car hire customers of "Hidden extras"

They said " Did you know that some companies are offering car hire from as little as £16 per week? A very reliable source has informed us that from 1st April 2014, customers will have to pay an extra £50 if they want a steering wheel in the car! We have also heard reports that they may also charge extra for the engine.

Don’t be an April fool, just book with Economy Car Hire. Our car hire always includes built-in excess insurance, a free additional driver and the benefit of our fantastic customer service.

Nothing like the 1st April to bring out the best in car info. BMW has been producing theses spoof ads for years. Yesterday was no exception talking about a "Force Injection Booster" FIB.

I always like the one about being able to turn on your oven at home from your BMW.

Getting back to Economy Car Hire - need to rent a car?  then follow this link  

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