Monday 9 June 2014

Where are the car rental desks at the new Heathrow Airport Terminal Two?

I went to collect a passenger from Terminal 1 at London Heathrow Airport on Sunday afternoon. I arrived there early on this beautiful early June day to take a look at the new Terminal 2 building.

As the only occupier currently is United Airlines there were not many people there. Air lines like Aer Lingus and other Star Alliance members will start following United's move. Aer Lingus moves in early July and passengers will no longer have to have that very long walk as they do at Terminal One to reach the Aer Lingus gates.

The new terminal has an arrivals section that covers those going through UK Border entry and those from the UK and Ireland.

But where are the car rental desks that you would find in Terminal One for example just by the International arrivals? (below right)

There was no sign of any and what is more important on all the signs in the terminal that I saw, none mentioned "Car Rental".

Does this mean that they are concealed in an area before the passenger reaches the arrival area that is open to the public?

If this is the case, surely car hire companies would not want to in fact have to have two of these - one for "International Arrivals" and one for "UK and Ireland Arrivals"?

I have tried looking at the Heathrow airport website, but cannot find any information there and making a general search on the search engines.

If you know more, can you please email? 

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