Monday 9 March 2015

Steer clear of car hire rip-offs on holiday says a report in The Guardian

The Guardian has just published a seasonal reminder for people wanting to hire a car with Easter holidays just around the corner.
Steer clear of car hire rip-offs on holiday is the title of this report that has a list of what has become usual headings over the last couple of years or so in various publications. One of these about overcharging by asking a customer to pay in £ Sterling I had not heard off with car hire, but something to watch also in hotels and restaurants. 
Rip-off 1. Being made to pay over the odds for petrol.
Rip-off 2. The unwanted upgrade that costs an arm and a leg.

Rip-off 3. Paying for someone else’s bumps and scrapes

Rip-off 4. Overcharging you by asking for payment in sterling

Rip-off 5. Getting you to pay over the odds for inadequate insurance

Rip-off 6. Flogging you expensive extras

Under "Rip-off 5. Getting you to pay over the odds for inadequate insurance"

They quote Bob Atkinson from Travelsupermarket.com who says “This is a huge rip-off,do not cave in to scare tactics by high-pressure staff to try and make you buy things you do not need. A simple way to counter the high cost of ‘excess insurance’ is by buying a policy here in the UK before you set off. Not only will this cost you a fraction of the price, but it will also give you more comprehensive cover as well.”

Independent companies quoted in this article are Icarhireinsurance, Insurance4carhire and Protectyourbubble

See article in full here

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