Tuesday 14 July 2009

Warning from Car hire Rental companies

On a recent visit to France the car hire company had included a very useful “Warning for renters” in French and English.

If you are hiring a car these days it is well worth considering the following advice on vehicle security:

 When returning the car you should hand the car keys to a uniformed member of staff at the rental desk. DO NOT leave the keys in the car. DO NOT give the keys to anyone, particularly in the return car parking area. If you do not follow this return procedure you may be liable for the full value of the vehicle if it is stolen.
 When you leave the car unattended (for example at a petrol filling station) always take the keys with you and lock the doors.
 As a precaution, when driving in some city areas, it is suggested you keep the doors locked and the windows closed.
 Do not leave personal belongings on display in the car.
 When parking, if possible leave the car in a secure, well lit parking area.

Thanks to Alamo, National and Citer car rental for this information.

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This is great info. I will pas the message around too.

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