Tuesday 18 August 2009

Low Car Hire Insurance

Car hire insurance is a must have when renting a vehicle regardless of where you are located in the world. Most insurance companies are offering car hire insurance cover nowadays and it is even easy for one to buy this insurance cover online. With most of the major insurers competing for a share of the internet market, one can easily get very reasonable rates on car hire insurance if they take their time to compare prices before buying. Still, some insurance companies have partnered with car hire companies to offer discounted rates on car hire insurance. It is now possible to get very fair rates on day to day car hire plans. This adds to the many options of choosing the most convenient insurance plan when hiring a car. Other than the daily packages, there are other covers suitable for weekly, monthly, annual, periodical and long-term hire.

Frequent travelers will definitely find the car hire excess insurance both valuable and economic. Under this insurance package, you do not pay extra charges for any damages that the car may suffer during the period you hired it as it is all covered in the initial price. It covers all the extras which you may be required to pay such that you are not charged for damages in the event of a minor accident. You can also take advantage of car hire excess waivers which are designed to make the service friendlier. Waivers can minimize the excesses you need to pay, sometimes up to zero levels. Different companies offer different rates on waivers so it is wise to do some searching before settling for one particular insurer to ensure that they get the best deals. It can be quite expensive to buy this type of insurance package from car hire companies. The best way to get cheaper rates would be by buying through insurance companies which specialize in offering the same.

There are several other factors to consider when choosing car hire insurance policies. Some of the general things to look out for include the credibility of the insurer and the rates at which you are buying the cover. Insurance is costly and it is therefore always good to do some comparison so that you get the fairest deals you can lay your hands on. You should also consider the regional coverage of the cover more so if you intend to cross the continent. The company you choose to buy your car hire cover from should in this case have a worldwide presence so that the service becomes convenient and cheaper for you.

The third party cover, collision damage and theft protection aspects of car hire insurance that one also needs to bear in mind. In most countries, it is mandatory that insurers provide these three covers even on hired cars. Some crafty insurers have a way of twisting around this so that you get to pay for damages incurred in case of an accident. A good car hire insurance cover should take care of this.

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