Monday 31 August 2009

Shortage of car hire vehicles predicted for September 2009

Shortages of car hire vehicles in the main European hot spots have been very much in the public eye in the summer of 2009. It looks like this will continue into September as well.

There was an article in yesterday’s UK Observer (30th August 09) by Harriet Meyer entitled “Keeping a cool head as cutbacks turn up the heat on holiday car hire” saying that there will be a shortage of hire cars in European hotspots and steep price rises may cause problems for travellers into September.

This appears to be very much the pattern of the summer so far, as we have been highlighting on the insurance4carrental.com site and our car hire excess insurance blog site. Back in July we reported the story of two people who are regular visitors to the south of France who could not rent a car at Nice. In the end through a friend of a friend they rented a car body work repair shop’s courtesy car.

In August we highlighted the situation in southern Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal and on both occasions advised travellers to book their car hire vehicles early. The Observer’s article was giving the same advice.

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