Wednesday 18 August 2010

I live in Ireland can I buy car hire insurance via insurance4carrental.com?

insurance4carrental.com is an advertising site for car hire insurance companies and it is not just resticted to UK customers.
On the contrary, most of the advertisers offer products for residents in countries worldwide and give prices in € Euros, $ Dollars and £ Stirling.

This means if you are a resident of France, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, USA etc you can buy this important insurance on your credit card in your local currency.

Some insurance companies of course may not sell their produtcts to non-uk residends, however when there is an option to have the price in Euros you know that if you are in Ireland (or other countries using the Euro)you will have no problems. In fact one of the car hire insurance companies is even posting up a compliment about the service they had received and this person lives in Dublin.

So if you live in New Zealand, Denmark or Spain (just to mention 3 coutries) you should be able to buy car hire excess insurance from a company advertising on www.insurance4carrental.com

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Unknown said...

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