Friday 20 August 2010

Too much luggage causes Holiday disputes says Holiday Autos

According to new research from Holiday Autos, the car hire firm, packing too much luggage causes disputes between couples on holiday. About 25% of all couples on holiday will have an argument over the best way to pack their belongings into a rental car before their journey even starts.

This study has found that men tend to pack more than women when going on holiday to the beach, with about 33% admitting that they have had to leave some baggage behind at the airport due to it not fitting into their hired vehicle. On the other hand, only 17% of women have admitted that they have had to leave some of the luggage behind.

Holiday Autos also revealed that 82% of men feel like it’s their job to book the rental car for their holiday. However, the company also found that men tend to concentrate more on the make of the car and the size of its engine instead of how much baggage space it will give them. So it’s no surprise that about 18% of men admitted that they have returned to the car hirer’s desk to trade their vehicle to a larger one so that their luggage will fit.

Stuart Nassos, the Managing Director for Holiday Autos, said that many holidaymakers seem to forget the fact that the car they book for their holiday will likely be smaller than the vehicle they use while they are at home. Therefore, they tend to bring more baggage than what will fit safely in the hired car, he continued.

Nassos also suggested that customers check their Car Features Guide before making a decision on which model to book. The vehicle should either be large enough to accommodate the holidaymaker’s baggage or the amount of baggage should be reduced, he added.

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