Tuesday 1 March 2011

Are women in the drivers seat when it comes to van hire?

In the month when the Davies Report is reporting on inequality in the boardroom in the UK, men are still the main renters of vans. This is probably true due to the fact that the majority of vans are driven by men.

Looking at the copy insurance van hire sales generated by www.insurance4vanrental.com via Towergate’s Insuremyvanhire.com for February 2011, out of the sixteen sales only one was for a woman.

We have also found that the majority of daily and annual car hire excess insurance purchases over the last twelve months have been made by men. Is this because there are more male business people travelling and hiring a car, or do these come from the holidays and breaks that people take and the “male” in the household makes the booking and rents and drive when on holidays?

Some car hire excess companies cover all the drivers who are renting the vehicle.

When you take out car hire (van hire or motorhome hire) excess insurance there is no difference in costs for a man or women. Drivers over the age of 75 (to around 85) will have to pay more and this is of course different to the “Gender issue” for car insurance in the UK. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) to ban the use of gender in insurance policies from December 2012 where women in the UK are facing the prospect of higher car insurance. This move will mean that women aged under 25 could see a 25% increase in motor insurance premiums, but men are expected to see a reduction of just 10% in their premiums.

If you are about to move, got a lot of DIY materials to collect or furniture or taking a day trip to France to buy lower price alcohol, find out more about van hire excess insurance at http://www.insurance4vanrental.com

3rd March 2011 - Postscript to this. First van hire excess insurance sale of the month has gone to a female customer. Will there be any more this month?

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