Thursday 7 July 2011

Hidden charges from car hire firms - warning

Following on from the item on this blog yesterday "Car hire companies will have to be more upfront about extra charges" which referred to the article in the Daily Mail this week "Crackdowns over hidden car hire charges will protect travellers on holiday abroad", "ComparecarhireUK's" Travel news has published the following:-

"Car hire firms warned about hidden charges"

Regulations could soon be in place to force car hire firms to be more careful about landing their customers with a variety of hidden costs. The number of complaints from rental firm customers rocketed in the first half of 2011 by 37 per cent, compared to the first half of 2009, according to the UK European Consumer Centre. Complaints ranged from being charged for repairs after an accident which never happened, to finding out unwanted insurance had to be paid for.

The Office of Fair Trading has said that it is concerned about the manner in which excess insurance is sold to customers. The watchdog has produced a report in which it points out that car rental customers arriving at airports are often tired after the journey and not in the best frame of mind to deal with the intricacies of the rental contract.

Regulators could soon come down hard on companies which are not completely transparent with their car hire deals. British Vehicle Rental Association representative, Toby Poston, defended the way in which hire companies sold their excess insurance. He said it was not a hard-sell to remind customers when they collect their vehicles that not taking out insurance could result in a hefty bill if the car is damaged.

He added that the price of buying insurance at a collection point was no more expensive than the cover offered under a normal policy. He went on to say that excess waiver insurance also means peace of mind for the renter.

Source: comparecarhire.co.uk


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