Friday 16 December 2011

There is still time to buy your car hire excess insurance for the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holiday season is just under a week away and many people throughout the world will be hiring a car.

Did you know that if you buy your car hire excess insurance from an independent car hire excess insurance company it will usually be a lot cheaper than if you buy the product from the car hire company?

It can cost a small fortune and at this time of year when every penny / cent (or whatever your currency)counts, you don't want to be wasting money.

With many car hire excess insurance policies you can buy these well in advance and not have them coming into operation for a couple of months.

Annual policies will save even more money, particularly if you hire a car more than once a year, or your initial hire is over ten days (approximately depending on the company).

Remember to take the polict documenation with you so you have contact info or can prove to the car hire company that you have your OWN insurance. Unfortunately there are still car hire company representatives who will tell you your policy is not valid or you cannot have the vehicle unless you buy their expensive insurance, so stand your ground and and don't be afraid to compain.

In the UK and Ireland this year as Christmas falls on a Sunday there is an extended apres Christmas public holiday - Monday and Tuesday so this means as normal the hard working retailers who have worked hard with the build up to Christmas, have a day off and then have to open up for the sales (if they are not already running one before Christmas) so you might want to take advantage if some of the bargains about and visit your nearest furnishing store.

The only problem is it is going to be difficult getting all those rather large bargains home, so what do you do - hire a van. Just like when you hire a car, you will have to pay for van hire excess insurance and again it will work out cheaper at a specialist insurance company.

After all of the festive  excitement you might feel like a brief holiday to get over it. What about a few days touring the south of Spain in a motorhome? Not a bad idea, however just like with car hire and van hire you also have to have excess insurance when you hire a motorhome. Motorhomes are costly vehicles to buy for the hire company and unlike a car or van when they are only kept for a couple of years, many companies are now keeping them for up to ten years.
Specialist excess insurance companies are taking this into consideration  and are adapting theire policies accordingly.

Finally if you are hiring a car this year, beware of "bogus car hire deals" We published on this blog a couple of days a warning from the The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), to be on the lookout for exceptionally cheap car rental deals See Christmas car hire renters warned against bogus car hire deals

So where do you find a very good selection of competively priced Car Hire Excess Insurance - Van Hire Excess Insurance and Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance companies?

You will find a great choice at the insurance4carrental.com marketing site. Just Click Here and then  find the approprate section just below the words car hire excess insurance

Have a great Christmas break and remember the drink drive laws in whatever country you live in. In some countries the legal limit is still a glass of wine or pint of beer in others absolutely no drinking if you intend to drive.  

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Philippa said...

I am leaving this comment in hope that someone can give me some advice on the following.
I hired a rental car in France over the Christmas period it was booked online through a third party. The named main driver was unable to come on holiday so I changed the name under which the car hire excess insurance purchased to my daughter's as she would be driving. But the car rental company said they could not change the name of the main driver not this would not be a problem as long as my daughter has her driving license and credit card, so the rental agreement has the original driver's name but all the other details, date of birth license number etc, are my daughter's! Unfortunately there was damage done to the car while we were using it and it seems our excess insurance is invalid as my daughter's name does not appear as the main driver! I have spoken to the rental company and they say that the name should have been changed but there is nothing they can do about it. Does this mean that all insurances on the hire car was invalid, therefore she was driving uninsured? If so is she going to be liable to the full cost of the repair (which could be substantial)rather just the excess? (which is not chicken feed).
Gratefully awaiting any advice