Saturday 7 July 2012

Update on Breathalyser kits in France

On the 2nd July, we ran an article on this blog  "Breathalyser kits now obligatory in cars in France - check your hire car " with information from The Riviera Reporter.

The magazine had said " But have you tried finding one? Car accessory shops, dealerships, pharmacies and hypermarkets have all run out. So while possessing the test is technically obligatory, fines will only be handed out from November. In the meantime you are likely to only get a warning"

After arriving at Nice airport on Thursday this week (5th July 2012) and being greeted with signs at the car Hire collection counter saying it was mandatory to have these, I checked the car I just hired through Holiday Autos agents.

The breathalyser must be kept in the glove compartment of the car. There certainly was not one in my car. So I looked in the bag on the back seat containing the obligatory reflective vest and warning triangle (these have to be kept in the main part of the car not in the boot for speedy access), but again nothing there.

Yesterday morning I thought I would try and buy one as I did not want to be fined. I went into a pharmacy in Valbonne. No they certainly did not have any.

It will be intersesting to hear other car renters excperiences on this subject and to see how long it will be before you can buy them and if car hire companies will be providing them in cars or selling them to clients at the point of collection.

16th July 2012

I returned the hire car to Nice Airport and whilst it was being checked in asked about the breathalyser kits and when would they be in the company's hire cars. I was told that they are not supplying them yet. No doubt waiting till later in the year when the fines start rolling out!


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