Thursday 11 October 2012

Car Hire Dublin. It is a shame that you cannot always collect the car from the airport itself

Recently hired a car in Dublin, Ireland and because like many others have had problems with car hire companies over the years (making you pay for excess insurance you did not want, charging you a fee for going over the M50 toll when the vehilcle was never near that part of the city when it was rented etc) once again opted for the company that has a Number 1 on their cars, Hertz..

I paid for the booking on line and added the comment " Will need an additional driver please, but not excess insurance"

I had also opted for a 2(+boot) door or (for same price 4 door model) as we were taking elderly relatives out for lunch on the Sunday.

The Aer Lingus plane was a long time in a queue at London Heathrow and when it eventually landed at Dublin Airport had to wait a while for a stand to become available outside Terminal 2.

We went through passport control and collected our luggage and went to the car hire reception desk and were told we must go downstairs and get on the bus to the out of airport car hire zone. 

Apparently only with early morning flights can you pick up the car from the car park at Terminal 2, which means that other times you will be delayed a great deal.

We got onto the bus and headed out to the Car Hire area which is near Santry. We had a business appointment in north Dublin and were getting more and more delayed by the events of the morning.

The person at the desk was very helpful, but rather slow and kept on going off.

As normal declined their excess insurance as we have a family and partners annual policy from insurance4carhire, but asked if we could have a 4 door model as I paid for one in that group explaining we had to take our relatives out and a 3 door car would be tricky.

He went off again and returned saying there would be a delay, so as we were already late for the meeting took the 3 door Renault Clio. Checked it for damage before driving away and went off.

A while later I looked at the printed receipt, I had paid £116.52 on line and I knew that I would have to pay a fuel deposit  and additional driver. But suddenly the amount at the bottom totalled €310.69 less €145.69 paid.

We returned the car at the prescibed time filling it up with fuel en-route. I had to show the checker in person the fuel receipt. I had paid cash, but it is a wise tip to obtain a receipt that also confirms what you spent and that you put the correct type of fuel in the vehicle that you have hired.

I showed the person the temporary receipt we had got when we got the car and I was issued with a final receipt for €47.50 for the additional driver. I have today checked my credit card on line and this amount was deducted. Hertz do say in their "Important Customer Information" "A statement of your rental charges should be requested upon your return of the vehicle".

Shortly after our return home , I received an email from Hertz.
In the comments box I put "Although not your fault, because of Dublin Airport restictions, it was a great shame that a) we could not collect the car from Terminal 2 car park and b) that you could not provide a 4 door car without a long wait as we had to take elderly relatives out on the Sunday and a 3 door proved very, very difficult."

Would certainly use them again, but it would be good to know that if you want a 4 door and pay for one you get one. Another time, would add this under Customer Remarks when I book the car.

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