Monday 22 October 2012

Travellers should beware of hidden car hire costs says Direct Travel News

Direct Travel News included the following story last Thursday - New research suggests that hidden extras make hiring a car during a holiday in Europe quite expensive.

When it comes to booking a holiday, there are a number of costs that you need to budget for, including your travel insurance.

However, there is one expense that you might not realise the scope of, and that is your holiday car hire.

According to new research from the Post Office, consumers who are planning a family trip to Europe this year could find that they have difficulty stretching their budget to include this form of transport.

Figures show that, for a basic one week rental, the price doubles when extras are included in the majority of holiday destinations on the continent.

The Post Office Holiday Car Hire Barometer revealed just how much car rental prices could differ depending on whether extras such as an extra driver or excess waiver insurance (EWI) were included in the cost.

For a basic car hire, Alicante in Spain would be your least expensive option, costing just £94.09. However, this surged to £216.61 when extras were included in the package.

A more consistently priced option would be to a holiday with car hire in the US where a basic week will cost £125.35 and a package including extras would take the price up to just £177.18.

For travellers who are determined to head to Europe, Andrew Brown, Post Office head of travel money, warned that keeping costs low by sticking to a basic headline cost can create a false economy.

"The worst thing is to arrive in the car hire office at your destination to collect the car and find that you have the 'Hobson's Choice' of paying for the Excess Waiver Insurance at a high price or choosing not to pay for it and risking the consequence of a much higher bill if you have an accident," he said.

Mr Brown also warned holidaymakers about the potential expense of paying for fuel as part of the hiring process.

"One of the problems for many holiday motorists is that they only find out they have to pay for a full tank of fuel when they arrive, and the prices charged vary quite dramatically from one destination to another," he stated.

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