Tuesday 26 February 2013

More destinations from Economy Car Hire

Just had an email from Economy Car Hire. They now offer car hire in Switzerland, Poland, Egypt and Tunisia and  are working with a new car hire supplier in Ibiza who offers customers a fair fuel policy.

All very good news for people hiring a car this year. Looking on their website, they have some useful advice posted yesterday (25-2-13)   "How to get a stress free start to your holiday"

Some of the points made are: Prepare in advance

Preparation is essential when it comes to tackling the airport. Something that is often left until the last minute is airport parking. Make this holiday a little less stressful and arrange airport parking a couple of months before you are due to depart. It’s one less thing to worry about and it will no doubt save you money also.

A few days before.... In the countdown to your holiday, be sure to tie up any loose ends at work so you can enjoy your time away without work hanging over your head. Make a list of anything that might come up in your absence, organise and deal with your emails and voicemails and don’t forget to set your out of office alert.

On the day of departure
You will have already packed the essential items a few days before, but don’t rest of your laurels. Be mindful of packing restrictions for your hand luggage. Limit the number of liquids you take with you as they will have to fit within one small plastic bag when you go through security. If you’ve got loads, you can get stressed when you realise you have to throw half of them away.

Also, remember the usual tips such as food and drink restrictions as well as the usual prohibited items. If you are taking hold luggage, then use your hand luggage to carry items that you’ll need on your person and on the plane only.

Economy Car Hire offers lots of great advice and articles on their website - Find out more about Economy Car Hire Here 

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