Wednesday 20 February 2013

Yet another Car Hire Insurance Dispute

Another car hire dispute was highlighted yesterday in the Daily Telegraph column written by Gill Charlton.

According to the report, Tori Tomlin from Newcastle who had collected a hire car from a car hire company the Greek island of Cephalonia to drive to their villa just outside Fiskardo. As he drove along the main highway a large rock fell into the road right in front of the car and he was forced to drive over it. The rock damaged the power steering but was were able to continue driving to the villa. He reported the incident to the car hire company and was sent a replacement car.

When the car was returned hew was presented with a bill for €2,225 (£1,890). Apparently, he was not  uninsured for this incident because the underside of rental cars is not covered by collision-damage- waiver insurance (CDW).

Read the Full Telegraph article here 

Gill Charlton goes on to say in the article "As your experience shows, the total exclusion of insurance cover for any damage to any element of the underside of a vehicle is a gaping hole in holiday car insurance. One way to avoid being caught is to buy an annual top-up policy from a specialist broker. Insurance4carhire offers £5,000 of cover for £49.99 a year. This includes covering the CDW and theft excess as well as damage to windows, roof, undercarriage and tyres."  In fact insurance4car's prices are lower than that quoted by Gill Charlton yesterday. 

On Monday this week on this blog we reported that  "insurance4carhire has lowered some of it's prices today"  Annual European dropped from £49.99 to £44.99 however if you buy it using the web site links in the jml Group (including insurance4carrental.com and on Irish Property Insurance.com) it will actually cost £40.19. Link Here

There are a number of other car hire excess insurance waiver companies advertising on the insurance4carrental.com site that also offer cover for underside, wheels etc. Visit www.insurance4carrental.com 

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