Thursday 20 June 2013

Questor Insurance looks at figures which reveal that UK motorists are set to see a sharp rise in petrol costs across Europe this year

As part of its ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign vehicle hire excess and travel insurance specialist Questor Insurance looks at figures which reveal that UK motorists are set to see a sharp rise in petrol costs across Europe this year.

With scores of Brits set to hit the road to explore their favourite holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond this summer, the latest figures have revealed that UK travellers’ budgets may be stretched to the limit by the soaring cost of petrol on the continent.

Research conducted by Post Office Travel Money has revealed the British holidaymakers are facing increased costs at the pumps in popular holiday destinations such as Spain (up by 7.4% or 9p per litre), France (up by 4.7% or 7p per litre) and Andorra, famed for its wealth of skiing resorts (up by 3.5% or 4p per litre)*.

However, for savvy UK travellers there is still an opportunity to fill up their tanks for less in some European countries, with the cost of petrol falling in Croatia (down 2.4% or 3p per litre), the Czech Republic (down 0.7% or 1p per litre), Switzerland (down 2.2% or 3p per litre) and Denmark (down 4.6% or 7p per litre).

And it seems that there is another way that drivers can circumnavigate sky-high fuel costs on the continent – hiring a car that uses unleaded petrol.

The research showed that unleaded petrol prices were significantly lower in some European countries compared to diesel, with this difference most marked in the Netherlands (-31p). This was followed by Belgium and Germany (both -20p) and Denmark and France (both -17p).

Commenting on the figures, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “While the escalating cost of fuel on the continent is sure to be a cause of concern for holidaying Brits, the research also proves that armed with the right information UK travellers can still enjoy a break abroad without breaking the bank.

“Questor’s newly launched ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ Campaign also aims to provide travellers will the tools they need to secure the most competitive price on holiday insurance essentials from travel insurance to car hire insurance and more, to ensure that they can make savvy savings on each aspect of their holiday.”

Running from June through to September Questor’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign will provide travellers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother.


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