Monday 20 January 2014

Get in early for a great deal on hiring a car says The Independent

Whilst reading the "Your Money" section of Saturday's Independent (18th January 2014) looking for Paul Gosling's  Question of Cash column regarding my recent pet insurance problems, I cam across Simon Read's "Bargain Hunter" column.

In this is the heading "Get in early for a great deal on hiring a car"   - January is the best time of year to book your summer car hire, according to iCahireinsurance. It says that in 2013 a traveller booking in January saved an average of £154 compared with those who booked in April 2013 - while some saved a much as £652 by booking early.

Well January is now half over so get booking. Holiday Autos have been running a sale this month and Economy Car Hire have great deals too, so it looks like you need to start making those summer holiday arrangements soon to grab some good deals

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