Tuesday 14 January 2014

Car Hire excess Insurance companies mentioned in The Guardian's Consumer champions – 2013 in review

Two car hire excess insurance companies were mentioned on the 21st December 2013 in The Guardian's "Consumer champions -2013 in review" feature.

Under "The other big issues" - Miles Brignall wrote "Every year we write articles explaining how to avoid getting taken for a ride by car hire firms, and every year we receive more and more complaints.

This September there was an even bigger deluge than usual – most from people complaining about charges for damage to cars they had not caused. Using our readers' letters as a barometer, we would be cautious about using G.... in Spain and B.... in Ireland.

H..... is about the best of a not-great bunch. Our advice to readers is to buy the super collision damage waiver from the likes of Insurance4carhire or Icarhireinsurance, and let them deal with any subsequent disputes. Mark any damage on the rental form and get it signed before you drive off at the start of the rental. We also think the European Commission should look at strengthening consumer protection in cross-border disputes to protect car hire users."

To view the rest of the article that covers...Financials, Energy, Mobile Phones and broadband etc go to he article here (Extract from above names of three car hire companies removed)

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