Thursday 24 June 2010

Car hire extras listed in Holiday Spending Budget Blues article

A day after the UK's emergency budget by the new coalition Conservative Liberal Democrat Government was announced on the 22nd June, Britain's Daily Telegraph ran this article "Holiday spending: How to beat the Budget blues".

Well we are in late June, many people just about to go off on holiday and The Daily Telegraph's article had a list of various ways in which you enjoy your holiday for less cost:

Travel at the end of the summer - Swap houses - Cater for yourself - Take your own tent - Save money at the airport - Minimise airline luggage charges - Take the slow road - Avoid the cameras - Fill up on the right side - Eat at lunchtime - Pay with a credit card

and "Beware of car hire extras -The biggest expense you are likely to face at your arrival airport is the extras slapped on to your car hire bill – extras for additional insurance, child safety seats, a second driver, and so on, that you might not have realised you were going to have to pay.

The simple rule here is to read the small print when you book; it's easier and cheaper than reading it when you arrive. The heftiest charge is likely to be to waive any excess you have to pay if you damage the car. It's much cheaper to cover this risk with a specialist insurer such as insurance4carhire.com or carhireexcess.com; book before you leave Britain."

So we are all going to have make savings now, the French Government are planning cuts, The Irish, Spanish and Greek governments have implemented them, but life has to go on and people work hard and enjoy their free time.

One cutback that should not be made is cutting out their insurance even as this is going to cost more in the UK because of the rise in IP(Insurance Premium Tax).

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