Saturday 12 June 2010

carrentals - All You Need To Know About Car Hire Excess Insurance

From the carrentals.co.uk Forum Wednesday June 2nd 2010

Many of our customers are finding that although they have booked a Collision Damage Excess Waiver policy through us (which is a full car hire excess insurance policy provided by Questor Insurance), on collection of their hire car, suppliers are offering them alternative excess insurance products leaving customers unsure of what they are covered for and worrying that they will not be covered if they do not purchase the supplier’s policy.

All car hire suppliers offer excess insurance at pickup, but it is the customer’s right to refuse this. If customers have purchased the insurance already, it is advisable to take a print out of this policy along to demonstrate that you are already covered.

It is also worth noting that taking out an excess insurance policy with a company such as Questor Insurance often works out far cheaper than the policy offered by the supplier at pickup.

Plus, suppliers’ policies often only cover excess payments and not everything else. This is in comparison to the full policy offered by a company such as Questor, which covers all of the below:

• The excess on a car rental agreement
• Damage to tyres, any glass and the under body of the vehicle
• Personal Accident, Baggage, Lost Keys, Curtailment, Locked Out and Drop Off Charges

What do I have to pay if I damage the car?

With Collision Damage Excess Waiver, if you ever have an accident be aware that you will have to pay the excess on your credit card at the supplier’s desk, BUT with a Collision Damage Excess Waiver policy this amount will be fully refunded to you by your insurer on your return home.

Questor Insurance offer their Collision Damage Excess Waiver policy to Carrentals.co.uk customers for only £3.99 a day. To find out more on Questor Insurance’s Collision Damage Waiver policy visit http://www.questor-insurance.co.uk/jml

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