Tuesday 8 June 2010

Save Money On Car Hire This Summer

As research reveals that only 12% of car drivers will fully read the manual before driving off in a car (new or used) for the first time, we look at ways to save money when driving abroad this year.

Millions of Brits will be heading overseas in the coming months. During last year's May half term holiday alone, M&S Car Insurance figures estimated 1.8 million Brits travelled abroad.

What with the current Ash Travel Chaos announcements and delays expected at air ports, car travel is a popular alternative to avoid airport queues and delays.

Driving into mainland Europe by car means making the most of the scenic routes and discovering parts of a country that are missed when flying. However, the distance can take its toll and result in car breakdowns and delays if adequate preparations are not taken. For those who intend to drive in the European Union outside the UK this summer, it is important to make sure your insurance policy covers EU travel. Some insurance policies, such as M&S Premier Car Insurance, will come with this included, but drivers should not assume this is the case with all policies.

“It is crucial for drivers who are making longer journeys by car for the first time, to make sure they have the adequate car insurance and breakdown cover in place, so that they have peace of mind should the worse happen,” says Andrew Ferguson, M&S Head of General Insurance.

If you prefer to leave your own car at home and decide instead to hire a car when holiday, there are a number of money saving options you can undertake instead. For example, there are considerable savings you can make when you hire a car abroad if you take out separate car hire insurance.

Car Hire Insurance for Driving in Europe

Cars hired in Europe come with insurance that typically excludes the first £1,000 of a theft or damage claim. This can leave holidaymakers seriously out of pocket even for a relatively minor incident. In the US and Canada the position is slightly different, with cars coming either inclusive or exclusive of insurance and customers having the option to buy their insurance at the car hire station or independently.

Using the UK’s only car hire insurance search engine from moneymaxim car renters can avoid the excesses in Europe, get full cover in the Americas, and receive additional benefits that are excluded from the insurance policies offered by car rental companies themselves.

Source: Moneymaxim

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